About My Freebies

I believe in abundance. In sharing freely. In giving to others, because I have things to give. Here are a few things I found to be worth sharing. Enjoy them freely, and check back often! New updates arriving constantly. 

Eating Plans

Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard. Whether you're looking for a detox, refresh or simply want to try on a new way of eating for a week, these printable eating plans are a perfect place to start. Throughout my years as a food blogger, I've transitioned through a lot of different eating styles. Each served a different purpose, as diets do. Some helped me lose weight, some helped me support myself through stressful times, others helped me find a new baseline for gut health and some have just helped me feel like a badass veggie lover. 

If you need a fresh start for your eating, try printing off one of the free plans below. They'll help you kickstart better, fresher eating. Which always has a way of making you feel a smidgen gladder to be alive.

Stay Tuned, More Arriving Soon!