My Favorite Photography Gear

Over the last 9 years, I've gone from having pennies to spend on this weird hobby called food blogging, to building a studio full of equipment designed to keep top-tier clients happy. Throughout this process, I've learned a lot. Bought a lot of bad equipment. Tried a lot of weird options. And discovered the best. This is the best. Let me help you shortcut the learning curve by sharing my must-haves. In return, your purchase through the affiliate links supports even more free intel. From one foodie to another, happy shopping. And happy snapping.

Cameras + Lenses

The Perfect Starter Kit

New to food photography and need a solid, but affordable starter kit? The basic T2i is dirt cheap, but takes great shots. Pair it with the uber-affordable, crystal sharp 50mm lens and you'll have everything you need to take gorgeous images of your food. The best part? These lenses hold their value, so when you're ready, you can sell back and upgrade. Approx. Total: $601

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Ready to Upgrade

So you're ready to invest, and want to take your food photography to the next level? The Canon 6D will get your much larger images, even better sharpness and the Sigma 35mm takes beyond beautiful shots. Added bonus: if you're into expanding your photography portfolio, this lens is perfect for lifestyle shots. Approx Total: $2399

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Time to Go Pro

For professional level shots with perfect resolution, the Canon 5D is worth every penny. Don't even hesitate. This camera will make you pant with it's perfection. Add the crystal clear, super versatile 24-70 2.8 Tamron lens and you won't look back for a second. This combo creates the shots clients rave over. Approx Total: $3800

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The Best Tripod Ever

I used to think photographers talking shop over tripods were ridiculously meticulous. And then, I bought this one. Insanely sturdy and reliable, relatively lightweight and insanely easy to adjust for each shoot, this pretty tripod also boasts the smoothest panning I've yet found (ideal for video shots). If you're remotely serious about food photography, consider this a must-have. 

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The Perfect Assistant

For truly beautiful lighting, backlight your food and place a silver reflector at the front of your shoot. Unless you have an in-house assistant, a reflector stand with boom arm is the best and simplest way to ensure you've got a portable reflector, ready for every shot. I've tried several, but this combo is my favorite. Low-cost, lightweight and totally sturdy.

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The Best Storage

High quality SD cards make all the difference, especially when you're shooting raw. For fast performance and tons of space for photos and video, the Extreme Pro is the best I've found. Also, important, a high quality back-up drive where you can archive raw images, offloading them from your computer, to keep it running smoothly.

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You can find several of my DIY backdrop tutorials here. And while I love rustic wood and weathered metal, the most classic photos (and the simplest way to get rocking with food photography) is to start on classic, white backdrops with a touch of texture. These three are all-time favorites. You'll need just 4 sheets to start. Lay in a big square on any stable surface, then photoshoot away. These tile sheets stack away nicely, so you don't have to have a lot of storage space. Plus, they are infinitely stunning.  Just works-every-time gorgeous, lending a beautiful modern look and feel to finished images.

Retro Penny

Great for casual or everyday shots. Ideal for breakfast and lunch images. One box contains 10 sheets. 

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Marble Hexagon

Absolute favorite. The matte marble on this tile looks gorgeous with everything, putting your food at center stage, with a touch of intrigue beneath it. Purchase 4 sheets minimum, to ensure enough room to shoot full plates.

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Playful and simple, sheets of this simple subway tile look so beautiful beneath white plates. With a bit of sheen, you can also give your shots a bit of extra glowiness. One box contains 10 sheets.

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