WEEK 1- A Day In the Life TIMELAPSE

You do cool thing everyday. Like, YOU MAKE FOOD, or MAKE PHOTOS, or YOU WORK FROM YOUR KITCHEN TABLE SURROUNDED BY CATS. This is not a usual life we’re living. So let’s show and celebrate it.

Let’s invite viewers into our lives this week. Challenge #1 is simply about SETTING UP A CAMERA AND CAPTURING YOUR LIFE, then sharing it with the world.

Of course, it needs to be something worth watching. A few tips & tricks....

2018-02 Brooke Lark Table WW3.jpg

Ideas for Creating a Good Video THIS WEEK

  • TELL A STORY. I've already outlined the basic story for you "A Day in the Life". But I need you to go one beyond that. "A Day in the Life of ???" Get specific here. A Day in the Life of a Yoga-Pant Wearing Mac & Cheese Lover. (In which case, you would obviously make a video of you sliding into your yoga pants, making mac and cheese, doing yoga poses while it bakes, and eating the mac on top of the table in lotus pose. I mean, OBVIOUSLY). Or maybe you're going to tell the story of A Day in the Life of a Busy Entrepeneur Mom With 1000 Different Creative Ideas (in which case you are sooo going to set a camera up on a tripod & record your day. Showing you bathing the kids while you knit & blog, doing puzzles while you food style pasta, reading bedtime books while you write your next recipe, sneaking a sip of wine in a bubble bath while catching up on your Instagram). Whatever your "A Day In Your Life" is like, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do before shooting is decide what the story is that you are trying to tell her. 
  • SHOW SOMETHING UNIQUE. As humans, we are intrigued when we are welcomed into other people's lives. We want to see that they are just like us. But we also want to be entertained. Your job this week is to find an idea at the intersection of approachable AND entertaining. Does your cat always sit on the counter as you cook? What's it like to make dinner with 4 kids sitting on the kitchen counter? What about your REALLY COOL & REALLY FUN about your life? What would viewers be surprised to discover about you, about your workspace, about the way you work? Show it!
  • SHOW SOMETHING FUN.  Lighten up! You aren't aiming for perfection here. Laugh. Mess up. Let viewers see the "real" side of you. In the video above, I thought readers would love to see me styling food. But I always crank up the tunes, and often find myself twerking like a mad woman. So just decided to let the camera run while I danced and styled. This was my first mini-viral in a long time. Big bloggers shared it to their pages with a "OMG. This is SOO what a day in my life really looks like" and "Ever wonder what a food blogger does all day?" The idea worked because it showed something EVERYDAY + UNIQUE + FUN. 
  • DON'T OVERTHINK IT! It's better to create SOMETHING small and imperfect than nothing at all. Keep your ideas very simple and doable this week. We don't want to get overwhelmed. Set your camera up and record you at your kitchen island, cooking a recipe for your blog. Set your camera up and record you decorating a cake. Set your camera up and record you putting up a blog post. Or sitting on top of your kitchen table and eating the food you just styled. The story can be small here. It can be a simple peek inside your life. Don't think big here, small can be just as entertaining. So THINK SMALL!
  • STAY ALIGNED WITH YOUR BRAND STORY. If you have a specific niche, stay on topic! Gluten-free bloggers: show yourself making gluten-free pasta. Or unpacking your gluten-free shopping bag. Or stacking up all of your favorite gluten-free cookbooks. There are all sorts of ways to celebrate your life & personality while also telling the specific story behind your brand. Let your niche guide, if you have one. If you don't let your creativity guide.
  • DON'T WANT TO SHOW YOUR FACE? No problem! Create a timelapse of you stacking a stack of pancakes. Decorate a cake. Show how you prepare a dish for food styling. Do you draw ornate images before you create food? Show us how you draw them! Are you a bullet journal fantatic? Put the camera on and bullet journal away! Your face doesn't have to be seen to make a great video (though showing the YOU behind the food is well worth the terror of showing up in front of the camera!)
  • WANT TO BRAINSTORM AN IDEA? I'm keeping my phone lines open for you this week. Give me a call anytime at 719-432-6800 and let's decide what direction is best for your brand.
2018-02-04 Ck Flatlay - Food Photographer - Purple Foodie 9 E.jpg


  • DsLR on Tripod! Though you can certainly use a smartphone or webcam this week, I full recommend setting your camera up on a tripod. The video will be beautiful, with that airy cinematic feel that comes when you use as dSLR (and good lighting. You guys! Don't make me lecture you about the importance of good lighting part!)
  • EDIT IDEA #1: One-Shot Timelapse Video (EASY). The easiest way to film and edit this week will be to set your camera up in one space , set the focus & exposure, then just let the video capture whatever it is you are doing. Be sure to use a large SD card, like a 128 GB. To edit, you'll just pull the video into your editing program, and super-speed the video to 900-1500x then overlay music, add your title and endcard. And your video is done.
  • EDIT IDEA #2: Stop & Start Timelapse (INTERMEDIATE). With your camera on a tripod, capture your day from a variety of angles then patch these videos together to tell your whole Day in the Life story.
  • Film mid-day, near a large North or South-facing window, with plenty of diffused light.
  • Crank up your exposure. Brighter is better. You don’t want to overexpose here, but you want to make your images bright & catchy. I always film 2-3 stops ABOVE the middle exposure setting.
  • Frame Your Shots. Set up your camera so you are at the center of the camera. Set the focus so you are always in focus.
  • Need more Timelapse help? Watch this 1 minute video for Premiere Pro Editing & t
  • MUSIC! If you can at all afford it, spring for a commercial license on a FUN song. My favorite options can be found at SongFreedom.com

"DAY IN THE LIFE" Examples

  • Organizing Bookshelf Timelapse. A great example of something viewers will relate to, but shows a unique aspect about this gal's day. She needed to crank that exposure up, but otherwise, what a fun way to show inside her day.
  • Setting Up a Photoshoot Timelapse. The lighting here is bad, and the angle is worse. But this is a good idea of how a birds-eye timelapse showing you going about your awesome day can make for fascinating viewing.
  • Somewhere Devine, Nursery Reveal. Notice the one-camera timelapse taken while they paint the room. Proof that a simple timelapse can be incredible fun to watch. Also of note: the creative angles they've picked, like Haley in the mirror with the camera. Their images showcase the fact that they are creators, and don't try to hide the camera or the work they're putting in as makers.


Remember to follow all of the tips from our Welcome Page to ensure a strong launch. Watch the FB group, where we'll invite everyone to share their videos on the Week 1 thread. Can't wait to see yours!


Join us anytime in the Facebook Group, where we can work together to help you launch a great Day in Your Life Video. Week #1 is going to be awesome!