We're foodies, we think inside the kitchen. But this week is about getting out of the kitchen. Thinking outside of the box. Taking your camera along with you, and videotaping your world from your point of view.  (And yes, you can stay in your kitchen if you'd like to do a cooking video this week...the big focus is shooting handheld footage with a point-of-view focus!)

This will is all about inviting viewers to "walk in your shoes" and "see the world through your eyes. It will be a fun week, with fairly straightforward editing. You'll pick up the camera and head outside.  Capture a series of short clips--both close up and far away--then sew them together in post to create a collage that comes together to tell a story.

Maybe it's "a trip your favorite Asian market" (make sure you get permission before filming inside any store!) or "preparing for wine night Wednesday" or "Our Favorite Winter Hiking Trail" or "Meet My Beautiful Town" or  "3 Things Every Work From Home Freelancer Knows About Mornings". The video doesn't have to be food or recipe based, but should be related to your brand. It can include clips of you, but should focus on handheld video you've captured from your own perspective. This style is ideal for travel videos, so any of you who have wanted to expand into offering more than just food videos, this one is for you!

This week may push the bounds of foodie creativity. It's going to have you thinking about video and editing from a totally different perspective. Instead of just peeking in, you'll be allowing viewers to peek through your lens & see the world as you see it. I hope it helps you expand your ideas about what you can film, and they ways and places you can film.

Really excited to see what you come up with this week! Already, week 2 showed massive improvement and I love how you are putting yourself out there, pushing your limits and trying new things. Way to rock it!


Ideas for Creating a Good Video THIS WEEK

  • TAKE A VARIETY OF VIDEO SNIPPETS. Up close, far away. This week is getting us trained to think of shooting B-Roll--those extra little clips that show the thing we are looking at from a variety of angles. Get very, very close and shoot the splash of water. Peel a mushroom, but show it UP CLOSE. Walk onto your scene and shoot it far away. Then walk onto your scene, and shoot it up close. Patch it all together and you'll be amazed at the beautiful visuals you'll get!
  • LEARN TO LOVE THE WARP STABILIZER. We so often avoid handheld video because of shake. But the WARP STABILIZER effect in Premiere Pro virtually abolishes the need for a gimbal. Shoot the scene as still as possible, steady yourself. When it's time to edit, pull it into your timeline and drag that effect to any handheld shot. It takes a few minutes, but will stabilize the clip and remove just about any shake. It's such a cool and useful effect!
  • CREATE A PROBLEM + SOLVE THAT PROBLEM. In the clip below, you'll see a 7-minute video from Yuri Elkaim. It's a great example of creating an interesting, shareable video by creating a problem, then filming yourself finding the solution. As you decide on your story this week, ask yourself "what would make this video more shareable"? And see if you can stumble on a concept that will get viewers to push that share button! 
  • WANT TO BRAINSTORM AN IDEA? From camera angles to storylines. YOU GUYS, CALL ME! I'm here to help you become the best video maker you can be. So pick up that phone & give me a call anytime at 719-432-6800 and let's decide what direction is best for your brand.



Keep it easy and harness the power of your handheld cam to capture this weeks video. If you're lucky enough to have an updated iphone, you've got instant access to a variety of artistic film options that can be stitched together to tell a pretty cool visual story. Shoot a timelapse, shoot some images up close, then far away, stick that camera on your dashboard while you drive and talk, tuck it behind a plant or (like @thefoodfreak did in a previous video), put that baby in a blender and grab a shot of you high above. Use the versatility of your tiny smartphone to seriously think outside the box & film outside the box this week!

Film in the order you need to edit, so you can quickly pull your clips in, tuck them next to each other, and your video will be all but done!


Plan ahead for a variety of shots. Tote along a tripod and gently slide it from left to right to get capture gorgeous panoramas. With dSLR gently held in hand, slowly move it down, move it up, move it side to side to create sweeping shots that add movement to your B-roll and images. Most of our work thus far has been largely static. Let's push it a bit this week, and start thinking about new ways to capture a variety of shots, angles and images.

NEED MORE HELP? CLICK HERE to refer to the WEEK 1 notes for camera, setup & framing tricks. OR CLICK HERE for the WEEK 2 NOTES.


Remember to follow all of the tips from our Welcome Page to ensure a strong launch. Watch the FB group, where we'll invite everyone to share their videos on the Week 2 thread. Can't wait to see yours!


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