All of the social media algorithms are designed to support video. The internet is an attention economy, anything that can hold a users attention for a longer period of time wins. So social channels will always look for proven ways to hold attention. And FOMO is one of the things that drives people to tune in.

Which is why you've been seeing live video become a key component to social channels. Livecast shows that can demand viewers attention at a certain time each week (just like appointment TV of the olden days!) and those which can hold attention and long "watch time" is a trend that is here to stay.

So let's get your livecast on this week! Whether with your iPhone, in your kitchen, at your desk, or with a full rig and a friend, I've rounded up several ideas that will help you tackle this hot approach to video. 

Ready? It's gonna be a fun ride!


Ideas for THIS WEEK

  • DECIDE ON A PLATFORM. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories--which platform is the best fit for your live video? The answer is: where are your fans? Livestream to your largest channel this week. It will give you maximum opportunity for reach. (Don't know how to livestream? Click the channels above, and I've linked you to How To's).
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. It's easy to get overwhelmed as we try new styles of video each week. So keep your plan straightforward and simple. Pick a clear reason to livestream. Announce the time/date of your livestream several times before going live (make sure you add pretty pictures or catchy text graphics!). Put your energy into promoting your upcoming live this week, then keep your video concept basic. You want to feel 100% comfortable with whatever topic you cover, so pick something you love to talk about!
  • SHOOT UP CLOSE. Humans love humans. Crop your camera, webcam or smartphone in close enough that we can see your eyes. Your kitchen is nice, but unless you're using every single one of your cupboards, what we really want to see is YOU. Or your hands. Or your food. Get closer to the main focal point this week, and you'll see your videos are far more watchable than when everything is pulled way back and you're just an eensy speck on the screen. 
  • FIND A MENTOR. Before creating your video, spend some time searching through YouTube. Type in "live video" or "live food video" or "livestream" and look at how other people have used this medium in engaging, watchable ways. As always, I am available to help you via phone, so please feel free to text or call anytime at 719-432-6800 
  • CREATE A REASON TO TUNE IN. As you are deciding on the concept for your livestream, remember: the best live streams are live for a reason. They are immediate, time-sensitive or important. So MAKE YOUR VIDEO IMMEDIATE, TIME-SENSITIVE OR IMPORTANT. Have you seen the Pearl Parties that are sweeping Facebook? They are giveaways done live....and they are huge!
    • HOST A GIVEAWAY. Take a note from this movement and add a giveaway to your livestream. Tell readers up front what they can win, then encourage them to comment & watch until the end, when you'll choose one commenter to win whatever great prize you're giving away.
    • DISCUSS SOMETHING RELEVANT. Is everyone weighing in on a hot topic? Add your two cents, expand on the topic, chime in. As always, make sure you stay on brand. But current events are a great place to gather inspo for live video.
    • CELEBRATE A HOLIDAY. Everyone is looking for great ideas for holiday gatherings. Use this as an opportunity to offer a holiday-themed idea or recipe.
    • ENTERTAIN 'EM. Everyone loves a reason to laugh or cry. We all want to FEEL something in our lives. So create an idea designed to tap into your viewers emotions. Maybe you're answering questions about break-ups while making a one-person cupcake. Perhaps you're celebrating the life of your recently passed grandmother, making a recipe she was known for. Or you're going to try to smash 10 watermelons in 10-seconds--is it doable?! Make them want to tune in to see.
  • CREATE INTRIGUE. When writing the captions or text for your live video posts: GIVE VIEWERS A REASON TO TUNE IN. Here is a method that tends to grab attention VERY WELL...
Click to download a printable PDF

Click to download a printable PDF



All of the social channels have made it very easy to livestream right from your smartphone. If you livestream into Facebook, remember to twist your camera horizontally, so you can capture widescreen video which can be easy tucked into your brand reel. On Facebook & YouTube, you can also livestream directly from your webcam or screenshare.

2. Zoom Webinar

$50/month, but well worth it if you think you'd like to livestream more often from your computer or webcam. This is also a great software program for video interviews.

3. UseLoom.com

If you're on Mac, Quicktime will easily record your screen. Another great option is UseLoom.com, which makes it incredibly easy to record your screen. Or your screen + you. The software automatically saves your video, so you can quickly organize your archives and download prerecorded videos for sharing via live. (See below for more info).

3. Prerecorded Video

Want to film ahead of time, or share a beautiful pre-recorded video as a live episode? There are several options for pushing your prerecorded video to FB as a Live video. Here is one. The only caveat here is FCC regulations require that it is very clear to viewers that the content was prerecorded. Make sure you include this disclaimer in your post.

4. Switcher Studio

For the tech-geeks among us. Switcher Studio makes it possible to switch between a variety of different cameras and angles, all from an ipad. You can learn more about this option here, but will definitely need to practice to film alone or will need a second hand to help.



Decide on something you want to show or talk about. Then grab your smartphone and start streaming! 


Better yet, interview someone famous. Who's the most famous person you know? Can you get them to join you for a livestream interview? Zoom.us webinars makes it easy to connect with someone far away, while livestreaming to an audience of adoring fans. Call up a cookbook writer, ask your favorite food blogger, interview someone that has a great story to tell. Look for ways to expand your brand story by connecting with someone worth talking to.


If you've got a friend with whom you have great chemistry, now is a great time to call them up! Invite them over for a coffee chat and a livestream. Answer questions from your fans/readers. Or cook something together in your kitchen. Live video is often much easier when you have a great co-host by your side. Don't be afraid to call up someone charismatic and go full Regis & Kelly like a rockstar! Know who has made a whole, brilliant brand of this? Cat & Nat. Two gal-pals just a'livestreaming from the front seat of a car...and they are slaying it.

NEED MORE HELP? CLICK HERE to refer to the WEEK 1 notes for camera, setup & framing tricks. OR CLICK HERE for the WEEK 2 & WEEK 3 NOTES.


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