As you create more and more videos, chances are, brands will want to hire you as a spokesperson. They make money when they sell products, so honing your ability to sell is win-win for everyone. Show a brand that you can drive clicks, and create sales, and you'll always have a job.

So this week is all about selling something. There are lots of ways to do this. I'll list several of the options below, and have included a variety of videos in this post to help you wrap your mind around the sales techniques which feel most comfortable for you.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember this week is: you don't have to be salesy to be a salesperson. Have you ever been sitting at dinner with a bunch of friends, and started RAVING about the new t-shirt you just bought at your favorite store? Or the new shampoo that is literally changing your life? Or the cookbook full of recipes that you think everyone should have? In that moment, YOU ARE BEING A SALESPERSON...endorsing a product with YOUR STORY.

That's what we're aiming to do this week! Think of something you LOVE--be it a kitchen tool, website or camera/lens setup. Then find a way to share your passion for that thing via video. Boom! You sold something. (And you didn't have to be salesy to do it!)

Scroll on for more fun ideas. It's gonna be a great week!


Ideas for THIS WEEK

  • DECIDE ON SOMETHING TO SELL. Think of something you already LOVE, then prepare to share your passion with the world. Maybe it's something on Amazon (make sure you link to it via Amazon Affiliate!), maybe it's a website or service, a specific ingredient by a brand you love. Or maybe it's something of your own--a downloadable, cookbook or other service viewers would love to learn that you offer.
  • DECIDE ON A TECHNIQUE. What is the best way to get someone else excited about the thing you've 
  • DECIDE ON AN AUDIENCE. Get REALLY specific about who you're speaking to. Is it BRANDS you'd like to work with in the future? Is it the stay-at-home mom with lots of little kids at home on an afternoon? Is it 
  • USE THE 3 E's. Tony Robbins says every piece of content should ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE & EMPOWER. I'd love to see you actively focus on adding EACH OF THESE 3 THINGS to your video this week. You're going for effective and shareable, and these 3 things are the easiest way to do just that.



Create a video that announces a GIVEAWAY, while also featuring a product that people should know about. Offering a giveaway is great because it allows for:

  • The Soft Sell. You can talk about product/ingredient/brand then give it away for free, so the hard sell is softened and you can pretend you're really just here to party.
  • Viewer Education. Viewers are more likely to tune in, waiting to see if the giveaway is worth entering. Added bonus: they get to learn about the product & get excited about it, too.
  • You to Be The Fun One. Instead of feeling like a used car salesman, a giveaway video let's you get excited to share something with your viewers...because they have a chance to WIN it. So you can talk and talk and tout the product, telling viewers how excited you are that you get to give this thing to them. It's a great way to get

Don't overthink it! A lot can be done from your regular food photography tabletop. Check Out This Simple Video shot on a 2'x2' surface, which announces an upcoming giveaway while also showing products (which could easily be affiliate linked to Amazon. Boom!)

WIN WIN WIN! Get a Brand in On It! I'll send a $10 Starbucks Gift Card to anyone who reaches out to a brand and GETS THEM TO SPONSOR YOUR GIVEAWAY FOR YOU THIS WEEK. This is such a GREAT way to connect with a brand, tell them how much you love them, and show that you can create videos that create comments & clickthroughs. Call a brand you love, and ask them for a product to promo & giveaway this week. YOU GOT THIS! 


The video at the top of this screen is a great example of how you can feature a product while also sharing a recipe idea. Learning how to incorporate product in your food videos is a plush skill to show off to brands. Dooo it!


Be your own Home Shopping Network! Create a livecast this week and just chitter chat with your people about the things you already love in your kitchen. Or in your camera bag. Or whatever. Use Amazon affiliate links, to make it easy to shop (for anyone tuning in who might be intrigued). Remember the HowDoesShe Video from Week 1, where the girl is talking to her iphone and showing you how she curls her hair with the curling wand? WELL THAT IS A GREAT WAY TO MAKE A GREAT SALES VIDEO. It's fascinating, and feels service and story-oriented, not at all salesly. But damn if you don't want a curling wand by video end.


Pick a product to sell, and feature that product in your video. Think of this as a whole video designed to show that product off beautifully, offer some great & fun ideas for how to use that product, and leave viewers with a feeling of...wow! I really need that in my life....CLICK. (See the video just below, as well as the Nutrition Stripped Cookbook Video at the bottom of this page).



When you think of creating a sales video, what comes to mind? You standing and talking to the camera? Your face unseen, the product being the primary focus? A Tasty-style recipe which features a specific ingredient or product? Whatever feels simple and straightforward--go with that! Creating within the boundaries of what comes naturally to you will help you make more videos, and make better videos. Because you can focus on a skill you feel comfortable with, and grow from there.


You've gained lots of skills throughout this challenge! You've talked to the camera, shot handheld video outside, learned how to incorporate b-roll, confronted your fears of livestreaming...and now, if you feel like challenging yourself, let's add 2-3 of these methods together to tell the story of whatever product you want to sell! The videos on this page offer great variety for consideration. Watch through the, then think of how you might be able to use your combined skill set to create a robust visual video that teaches, entertains and ultimate SELLS something. YOU GOT THIS!

NEED MORE HELP? CLICK HERE to refer to the WEEK 1 notes for camera, setup & framing tricks. OR CLICK HERE for the WEEK 2 & WEEK 4 NOTES.


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